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Senior Home Care

ANG Health Care is the leading provider of home care services in Citrus Heights, California. This Sacramento County city is a very special place to call home, with fantastic weather, a vibrant economic base, and fantastic shopping opportunities. The area is also physically beautiful, and there are great outdoor attractions like Rusch Botanical Gardens.

We have provided home health care services to many senior citizens in town over the years, and we feel a close connection to locals. If you are in the Kenneth Avenue/Oak Avenue area, the Sylvan Road/San Juan Avenue section, the Auburn Boulevard/Carriage Drive neighborhood, or anywhere else in Citrus Heights, California home care services will always be just a phone call away.

Aging in Place

There is an unprecedented aging of the population underway right now because of the maturation of the baby boomer generation. The majority of senior citizens will need help with their activities of daily living at some point in time. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are very expensive, and Medicare will not help with the costs. The home care services Citrus Heights, CA seniors can receive from us can provide the ideal solution.

In some cases, skilled nursing care will not be required, and we have home health aides on our staff that can provide basic living assistance. However, if you need a home nurse to deliver home nursing services, we can definitely assign the ideal professional. Our skilled nursing staff members can provide infusion/central line/port-a-catheter care, gastrostomy care, tracheostomy care, and more.

Citrus Heights, California Physical Therapy Resource

Physical therapy is another one of the home care services that local patients can receive from us. This would extend into the area of occupational therapy, and if speech therapy is required after a stroke of for some other reason, we can be called upon to provide the appropriate professional assistance.

Medical Social Worker

There are a number of different resources out there for senior citizens that have physical challenges and limitations. Government programs also exist that can sometimes help with assisted living expenses. It can be difficult-to-impossible for the typical layperson to navigate this maze, and this is where one of our medical social workers can enter the picture to help you tap into the resources that you need.

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If you would like to learn more about any of our Citrus Heights, California senior home care services, you can get in touch with us by phone at 916-990-0930.