Folsom, CA Senior Home Care, Skilled Nursing Specialists for Occupational and Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Home Nursing Services

Our company, ANG Health Care, is the premier resource for senior home care in Folsom, California. This is a service that is greatly needed at the present time because there is an accelerated aging of the population underway. In fact, there are 10,000 people applying for Social Security every day. According to the United States Census Bureau, the oldest age group is growing more rapidly than any other, and many people that are in their 80s and 90s are going to require home care services.

Folsom is a historic city that just about everyone has heard of because of the Johnny Cash song Folsom Prison Blues. The prison is still in operation, and it is one of the top employers in the city along with Intel. There is an extraordinary wealth of nature’s bounty in and around the community, and in fact, its nickname is “Distinctive By Nature.”

We are proud to be able to deliver home care services to locals, and we serve people all over town, from Prairie City to the Blue Ravine Road/Elderberry Circle area to the Catterline Way/Redington Drive section and everywhere in between. Simply put, for senior home care in Folsom, California, ANG Health Care is the only logical choice.

Home Nursing Services

If you need a bit of help with your day-to-day needs to be able to live independently, we can assign a home health aide to assist you. However, if you require a licensed home nurse to provide additional levels of care, home nursing services are available. Our skilled nursing professionals have wide-ranging capabilities, so you can definitely get the nursing care that you need through our organization.

Medical Social Worker in Folsom, California

An ANG Health Care medical social worker can gain an understanding of your situation and guide you toward the appropriate community resources. In some cases, you can even receive financial assistance to help you pay for the home care services that you are receiving.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is another area of expertise for our company. Plus, in addition to physical therapy, we can provide speech therapy which is sometimes necessary after a stroke or some other medical trauma.

We Are Here to Help!

Our friendly, knowledgeable Folsom, CA senior home care advisors are standing by right now to answer any questions that you may have. We can be reached by phone at 916-990-0930, and there is a contact page on this website that you can use to send us a message.