Home Health Care and Home Care Services in Sacramento CA, Roseville CA and Surrounding Areas

Do you need help in carrying out the daily tasks of your life post-surgery or any prolonged illness? It is quite normal to require a certain level of assistance during this period of transition from hospital to home while you recover and recuperate. Some of you might also require specific medical attention as well. So, you might think that once you are discharged from the hospital, the only comfortable familiar environment like your home that you are seeking can only be found in a nursing home. But there is another solution for you. We, at ANG Health Care, Inc., can offer you a quality and professional home health care in areas like. Right from physical therapy, skilled nursing, to occupational and speech therapy, medical social worker service, insurance qualifications, etc.

So, here we have put together a few reasons why a home health care facility is often necessary for patients. Take a look.

  • Home Health Care v/s Nursing Homes

Sometimes, life does not give you any chance to prepare for mishaps and unfortunate incidents. You can be confronted with a severe illness, surgery, or cardiac arrest at any point in life that may change your life drastically, affecting your lifestyle too. While a nursing home can provide the requisite care, it cannot offer the familiarity or comfort that a home can bring. A change of residence can further aggravate the issues experienced by having to adapt to the physical concerns, causing frustration, anxiety, and mental stress.

  • Compassionate & Quality Healthcare

Healthcare facilities at home will ensure that the patients have their independence in their homes as much as possible while at the same time increasing and improving their quality of health and comfort. Usually, these services are taken care of by experienced, dedicated, and compassionate home health aides who take all the necessary measures to ensure your complete well-being.

So, if you live in and around Sacramento CA, Roseville CA, Folsom, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Rancho or Cordova, you can get in touch with us for one of the best home health care needs.