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Do You Qualify for Home Health Care?

Home Health Care Insurance Qualifications from ANG Health Care

“Does my (mother / father / relative) qualify for home health services?”

This is the most common question we receive at ANG Health Care.  Part of the service we provide is helping you acquire the services you or your loved one needs.  We understand the frustration and anxiety associated with walking through a new situation, and we want to simplify the procedure for you.  Our staff are trained and experienced in guiding our patients to the services that meet their needs.

Here are the basic criteria to qualify for home health services:

  • You must have a medical need for the skilled services of a nurse or therapist
  • You must meet Medicare’s definition of homebound, which states that leaving the home requires taxing effort, resulting in infrequent visits away from home.
  • You are temporarily home-bound due to illness or injury

In order to provide the skilled nursing home health services, ANG Health Care must also receive orders from your doctor.  Once we receive a request for services, ANG directly coordinates with your physician to learn what services you need.

Whether you’re at home or recuperating elsewhere, we can provide the services that help you enjoy your independence.

You’re about to be discharged from the hospital…but you still need a little time before you’re ready to come home.  Perhaps you’re headed to a short-term care facility and you need ANG Health Care to schedule physical, occupational and/or speech therapy. Some patients leave a hospital to live in an assisted living facility…and many of them want the help they need to be provided by caring, experienced professionals of ANG Health Care.

When you move, we’ll move with you, joining you in the transition from hospital to short-term therapy facility to assisted living.  We’ve discovered that the patients who start with us at a care facility develop relationships with our care provides: relationships they truly treasure.  Being able to maintain those relationships throughout every transition provides an amazing sense of stability and comfort during a time when change seems to occur almost too often.

Our staff members are happy to assist you with any questions you may have concerning insurance.

ANG Health Care is certified by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid.  Medicare & Medicaid covers most skilled medical care services.
Remember: skilled nursing services must be ordered by a physician and may only be covered for a specific amount of time.

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