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When you need help meeting your needs…

Medical Social Worker in Roseville, CA, for injured elderlyMedical Social Services by ANG Health Care
The effects of an injury or prolonged illness go so much deeper than the physical. These unplanned and unwelcome changes often bring anxiety and depression as patients try to find ways to meet their new needs. Family members are suddenly called upon to provide solutions and find answers…but how?

What do you do now?

Suddenly, you’re facing a new health condition that is going to literally change your way of life. Many others have faced the same scenario and the asked themselves the same question: Now what? You want to remain at home; your family is worried about your safety and the anxiety of facing what lies ahead is already taking its toll on your ability to do everyday activities. Patients often experience depression during these transitional times.

ANG Healthcare’s Medical Social Service Workers are experts at providing answers to your most pressing questions during these difficult times. Our professionals are well educated concerning the variety of resources and support available to our patients. They’re sensitive to the unique multi-cultural needs of our diverse community.

We understand that individual people deserve to be treated as people, not cases to be handled. We know that needs are often situational, and we help fulfill them by referring you to a provider best suited for you.

Your Medical Social Services Worker can help you in a variety of ways.

They can assist with finding specialized medical care. They can also help you find support to pay for various medical care to recover from an illness or injury. If paying for necessary prescriptions, medical equipment and/or mobility aides. Often times your Medical Social Services Worker can act as your advocate, explaining health care resources and various policies as well as assisting you in finding any additional treatment necessary to cope with both the physical and emotional issues you face.

Offering More Than Information

Medical social worker in Sacramento, CA, consulting with elderly coupleThe compassionate and professional Medical Social Service Workers at ANG provide patient counseling as an important part of the multiple services we offer. They go beyond the basics, providing the support and assistance that can help you realize the most positive outcomes. They can help you with decision-making. They often act as advocates for your rights, helping ensure you receive the services you need.

ANG Health Care can:

  • Help both patients and family members understand your illness as well as available treatment options
  • Help you coordinate referrals to appropriate agencies for follow-up care
  • Help with placement in assisted living or long-term care as needed
  • Coordinate Meals On Wheels and other services
  • Assist with coordinating funding for medications, medical equipment and other services
  • Participate in patient-care conferences with your team of healthcare providers

After your initial meeting and assessment, our social workers can visit you twice monthly to review your situation and ensure that the services you need are being provided.

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