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Occupational Therapy

Services by ANG Health Care
Occupational therapy in Roseville, CA, assisting elderly with daily tasksThere are things you do…activities you pursue that bring you joy. Whether it’s playing music, cooking or sewing or simply being an active grandparent to your children’s children, these are the daily occupations that make life so enjoyable. When an accident or injury disrupts your ability to participate in your favorite activities, life can become very frustrating very fast. Even routine tasks like preparing your own meals or doing your own laundry can become problematic.

We Provide the Help You Need

At ANG Health Care, our occupational therapists help you find the answer to that “now what?” question. They ask the questions that help determine what it is that you need and want to continue to do. We spend the time necessary to discover your goals, your favorite activities and the things necessary for you to maintain your independence. We set goals and help you achieve them, such as reclaiming and maintaining your independence. From using assistive devices to teaching alternative ways to accomplish specific tasks, we’ll work together to help you get your life back on track.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services by ANG Health Care
Following a stroke, it’s not uncommon for individuals to have trouble communicating. Sometimes, those dealing with dementia may face the same troubles, as well as those who have suffered a head injury. Regardless of the cause, loosing the ability to communicate effectively can be devastating. Not being able to put words to a physical or emotional pain or to explain an emergency situation can have life-threatening consequences. Speech therapy should be considered if you or someone you love:

  • Can’t clearly express their requests for items and have trouble responding to questions
  • Finds it difficult to manage their own financial, personal or medical affairs
  • Seems unable to avoid injurious and/or potentially dangerous situations

Speech therapy starts with a comprehensive evaluation process to determine if the problem is, in fact, language-based. The speech therapists at ANG Health Care can rule out other possible factors such as adverse reactions to medications, depression, dehydration and other issues.

Sometimes the natural aging process presents challenges that speech therapy can address. Vocal cords become less elastic, larynx muscles weaken and talking ‘normally’ becomes difficult. Speech therapy can help you relearn how to speak, using vocal exercises to help you once again communicate effectively. Speech therapy is often necessary after a stroke to help with aphasia, a type of language impairment, which is a communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to use and comprehend language.

ANG Health Care’s speech therapists are trained to focus on speech, language, voice, cognition and swallowing problems. Helping you maintain your independence with dignity: welcome to ANG Health Care!

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