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Skilled Nursing Services by ANG Health Care

No matter how great the desire to live independently at home, reality dictates whether or not it is possible following a prolonged illness, surgery or ongoing medical condition. Sometimes remaining independent requires more than the ability to execute day-to-day living activities. ANG Health Care provides the skilled nursing services that make it possible. We’re experts at bridging the health care connection from the acute hospital, rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility, community clinic and doctors office to your home, providing a safe and secure network of professional healthcare services.

Our Skilled Nursing Care Services:

The professionals at ANG Health Care provide these and other skilled medical services to meet the needs of our patients.

  • Infusion/Central Line/Port-a-Catheter Care

    Permanently surgically placed under the skin of the chest or arm, a port-a-cath or central line is used to administer medication intravenously. It can also be used to draw blood samples many times with less discomfort than repeated ‘needle sticks’.

  • Wound Care

    While most wounds heal with minimal topical treatment over time, some difficult wounds require more specialized treatment and management strategies. ANG Health Care provides specialized wound care treatment to positively impact the wellness of our patients.

  • Tracheostomy Care

    A tracheostomy is a surgically created opening through the neck into the trachea (windpipe) used to open the airway and allow easier breathing. Our professionals are extensively trained in tracheostomy care, ensuring a clean, safe airway.

  • Gastrostomy Care

    Inserted through the abdomen, a gastrostomy tube (or G-tube) is used to deliver nutrition directly into the stomach. This procedure is most often used for those who have trouble swallowing following a stroke or other physical illness and/or injury. Gastrostomy care is essential to maintaining proper diet in a safe manner. Daily care and maintenance of your Gastrostomy site and G-tube care are essential to keeping the Gastrostomy site clean and dry in order to guard against skin irritation and infections.

  • Chest Tube Care

    Chest tubes are inserted to drain blood, fluid or air from around the lungs, heart or esophagus. The insertion process is also referred to as chest tube thoracostomy and is most often employed for a collapsed lung, lung infection, bleeding around the long, fluid buildup, breathing difficulty due to fluid or air buildup and after certain surgeries, especially lung, heart or esophageal surgery.

  • Urostomy Care

    A Urostomy is an opening in the abdomen created by a surgical procedure which allows urine to flow to the outside of the body into a Urostomy pouch. The part that protrudes outside of the abdomen is called the stoma. Proper care of the stoma and the skin around the area is key to preventing infections.

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